The AAMC Board has selected the historic venue spaces located on the Jefferson Street side the building for the private fund raising campaign. This space will operate independently of the leased areas. The plans allow for it to be self-sufficient through revenues from the leased areas of the building, and interest from an endowment fund.

Developing the non-profit component will include a capital campaign to raise $1,900,000 in private funds from individuals, organizations, foundations and corporations throughout Duluth, the state and the country. This will be used to restore and develop the building, and establish an operating reserve and endowment fund.

This campaign will not only allow people and organizations throughout Duluth to show their support for young people, a community gathering place, the arts and economic development but it will leverage three times this amount – bringing more than $6 million in tax credits into the community.

“Why wouldn’t we do this? It provides a great space for young people; restores an iconic building and brings funding to Duluth.”
- Pam Kramer – Director, Local Initiatives Support Group

The restoration of the Duluth Armory represents an incredible opportunity for the people and organizations of Duluth to come together in a project that will serve as a model for the country. The specific areas for which private funds will be raised include the following:

Duluth is a destination point for tourism; the city has great plans to build on this reputation and become known as a key venue for the arts in the Midwest. This has included a careful review of venues in the city, which identified gaps. The Armory Drill Hall venue will fill a key gap for a 2,500 capacity open floor venue. The restored Armory, with other important venues, will allow Duluth to finally have the critical mass and variety of venues to add top notch regional and national acts to the thriving local music scene. It will increase attendance at all venues and serve as an important economic development tool for the entire city, including hotels, restaurants and shops.