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Veteran’s Tribute Space

This space will honor and memorialize the dedication of the many soldiers who trained here before they left to defend our country.

Several specific plans are being considered for this space:

  • Memorabilia from the many veterans who have served Duluth and Northern Minnesota that are currently stored at Camp Ripley may be moved to the Veterans Tribute Space when the Armory is completed. This would allow more people to have the opportunity to see these items and appreciate the area’s role in history.
  • The Armory has been identified as the perfect location for the majority of items in the Duluth Veterans Hall, with a smaller exhibit in the space available in Veterans Hall in the Depot.  The significance that the Veterans actually signed up and trained in the Historic Armory, and then marched to the Depot to “ship out” to protect their country, makes both of these places important part of this historic tribute.